Friday, 31 August 2012

Music Memories

   hair: !lamb. Brand New Lover (Mesh) - Snickers
   skin: Kate: Flat White - natural }{ Deesses NEW
   t-shirt: =Krautuve= "Music Memories" oversized female t-shirt NEW 
   pants:  [Foppish] Floral Ankle Crop-{Brown}  Gift
   shoes: *VioMagic* Daydreamer Outfit Heels (old gift)
   hat:  *ARGRACE* Straw Fedora - Khaki
   at my back:  {what next} Nature Prints  Welcome Gift
  pose by OVATION  ♥

Walking Away

   hair: Miss C. - Pink_AshBlonde  Gift
   skirt: Blueberry Annie *Mesh* Maxi Skirt   Subscribe Gift
   skin: ..:Perle Skin Zoe Medium ~ Frosting Lips:..
   shirt: -Gitchee- Blouse Jeans   NEW *-*
   earrings:  ELUZION * Txuria - Earrings  Free

Mon Tissu.

Hello to all my dear fans :)
What do you think about this photo?
Hard to believe but I'd love to win. May you be asking, what?
I'll try to explain :D
Mon Tissu looking for new bloggers and organized this event to find them.
I wear a beautiful Mon tissu mesh pants and a belt always fabulous Mon Tissu.
I love his clothes and will be very difficult because everybody  love them .. haha: D
I thought of putting together an outfit with warm colors with an enviroment warm too.
The beige color of the belt combined with honey-colored hair and brown bag.
We can say a French style , a Paris style.
Mon Tissu is the symbol of good style for avatars more refined, but at the same time simple and fresh.

 What about .. may the best win.!: D

hair: !lamb. Heart - Honeycomb Roots  Gift
skin: ..:Perle Skin Zoe Medium ~ Pink Lips:..
glasses: MIEL HIPSTER PEEPERS - tortoise shell
cardigan: Izzie's - Long Knit Cardigan beige
bag: S@BBiA ribbon shoulder bag  Gift
jeans: {mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans / Flats
belt: {mon tissu} Seneca Threaded Leather Belt ~ Worn
shoes: Kennedy Beige Grung Flat
eyes:  *JeSyLiLO*:::KatyEyes:::*Blue

September 1st

The [s. b] MosaicDress in [black] is NOT available in the mainstore YET, its a prerelease... you can only get it in the next XYROOM round wich starts on September 1st and ends September the 20th!

You can find at XYROOM also the  [spoiled.brat] OffshoulderCardigan. Only 99 L

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Violet Hill

hair: (r)M ~ Hair No.20 ~ gG 02'12  (old gift)
skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Lazy Sunday:::*LightSkin*19
glasses: *JeSyLiLO*:::SunGlaSses:::*I <3 JeSyLiLO  Gift
eyes: *JeSyLiLO*:::KatyEyes:::*Blue
top: *BeReckless* Mesh Tube Top Cream   New September Group Gift (1 of 3) *-*  1 linden
pants:   Kennedy's Mesh Sweat Pants M Gray  NEW
shoes: Chucks Shoes_ JEANS TEDDY
popsicle:  - DAMNED - Lollipop (animated/color change)   Gift

I can swear

hair: >TRUTH< Lilia - night
skin: -Poudre- [Chloe] M.P. 06 -   NEW
outfit:  *Kruemelz* Hello Kitty   NEW


hair: !lamb. Brand New Lover (Mesh) - Butterfinger
skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::LimitedBazaar:::*LightSkin*2 NEW  will Start  at 12PM AUG 31rd Friday
ring: pink flower ring GIFT
tattoo: (flaunt) Kawaii Kitty Sleeves Tattoo (Color - Faded)   GIFT
sweater: .::[F]uchOn::.  at 60 MESH ATELIER Mesh Sweater Off Shoulder Savage NEW 60L$
leggins: .::[F]uchOn::. at 60 MESH ATELIER  Exquizofrenic Leopard Mesh Legging NEW
flats: Kennedy's Beige Grung Flat

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::LimitedBazaar:::*LightSkin*2 NEW  will Start  at 12PM AUG 31rd Friday
hair: [e] Midnight - Black 03
outfit: ~CandyMetal~ Maggi Outfit Up Dress Black & Red & Jacket Mesh  NEW
necklace: lilies - teensy clutter (gold free) chest  GIFT
ears: undefined lilies - wing ding (black/gold) lear GIFT
shoes: =PIA= Ankle beach pinup red boots  GIFT


hair: [e] Studio - Brown 08
skin: EiDOLAN Skins - Nikita - Fair BRUNETTE
makeup: EiDOLAN Skins - Nikita - Gothic Black  & EiDOLAN Skins - Nikita - Smokey
hands: * .:: deeR ::. * hand set  NEW
dress: Orsini sabrina dress  suede NEW
necklace:  +9 leather coin purse - Panda(spine)   New GroupGift
shoes:  [Gos] Posh Bootie - Obsidian
leggins: Illicit Designs : Tights Acid


hair: .:: KMH ::. Hair L003 Blond2  Lucky Letter Free
headband: +9 soccer hair band(chin)  Gift
skin: .::WoW Skins::. Cathia CL  NEW at -> Stuff in Stock (no free) 80 L 
dress: P.i.X.X.i.S  Boho Dress Flowers and Bees NEW
shoes: LUNAIRE   Slippers [yellow]  GIFT
nails: dark skin(Hand size10/R/option Long nail/  MANDALA
butterfly: [EY:NO] Lace Nose Butterfly (yellow)   GroupGift
jacket:  [EY:NO] My Cute Shrug (yellow) GroupGift
                                               *OVATION POSE*


hair: .:: KMH ::. Welcome Gift Hair   Subscribe Gift
skin: Cher: Flat White - blonde eyebrows }{ Deesses
top: **S&C** Crop Top - Striped Grey  GroupGift
pant: Orsini sweats cream mesh
shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Black
belly chain: <<BB>> Belly Chain

Song to say goodbye

hat: SAIKIN knit fur cap KASUGA black GroupGift
skin: Kate: Flat White - cleavage }{ Deesses   NEW
piercings: .Pekka. Miracle Piercing - Mouth
outfit: **S&C** Pink Leo - Secret Wednesday   49 L
shoes: *COCO*_Knee-HighBoots
nails: * .:: deeR ::. * hand set  NEW
eyes: *JeSyLiLO*:::CryEyes:::*Blue
lipstick: Kate: Glossy lips }{ Deesses
teeth: ..:Perle Skin Zoe Teeth:..
lashes: ..:Perle Lashes:..
necklace: ~Pepper~ Multi Necklace

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day 'n Night

hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Jacqueline Mesh Hair - Royal
skin: Kate: Flat White - cleavage }{ Deesses   NEW
piercings: .Pekka. Miracle Piercing - Mouth
glasses: MIEL HIPSTER PEEPERS - tortoise shell
shoes: *COCO*_EngineerBoots(Black)
short: ~CandyMetal~ Chery Outfit Short MESH (M) Outfit #2
top: ..::D-D::.. ToP LiCK My D.... Grey  NEW
nails: * .:: deeR ::. * hand set  NEW
eyes: *JeSyLiLO*:::CryEyes:::*Blue
lipstick: Kate: Glossy lips }{ Deesses
teeth: ..:Perle Skin Zoe Teeth:..
lashes: ..:Perle Lashes:..

to be or not to be.

skin: *JeSyLilo*:::Amola::: *SunKissSkin* J1*BT
hair: .::S::. Felicia- Cocoa  (the lm don't work) FREE
nails: *.::deeR::.*  hand set (with hud for change colors , piercings ecc... )  NEW
shoes: Opium WedgePumps at -> AcidLily Gallery ( In the Gallery all items < 70 L$)
shorts: *Luckie* Dare Shorts   NEW  69L$  GFW
top:  STICKY FINGERS: My knit top (black)   Maybe closed =(
                                                 *OVATION POSE*

I'm here without you baby...

hair:  .:ARI:. Melitta *black*
skin: ..:Perle Skin Zoe Medium  - No lipstick:..
top: .::YoPulga::. Open Shoulder Shirt "Pink Pill"  NEW
nails: *.::deeR::.*  hand set (with hud for change colors , piercings ecc... )  NEW
skirt: $$ - Nytro - $$  MESH Mini Skirt Jeans Blue Woman NEW
shoes: Boxset Python_StarDust_Pink     Lucky Letter!
                                               *OVATION POSE*


hair: [mp] B*RS Hair   Free
skin: ..:Perle Skin Zoe Medium  - No lipstick:..
eyes: *JeSyLiLo* :::kristalEyes:::*Blue
complete outfit:  *Crank Design* Greta(Mesh) Outfit   NEW


hair: (love) hair  - melanie     Gift  1 linden 
headband:  -LaViere- Candy Bow (black)
skin : Deesses Skin :  Cher : Ice Frappe
makeup: Deesses  Cher : Ice Frappe  lipstick and eyeshadow 9
top:   .:Useful Things:.  hang on  shirt mesh black Recent Release
pants: - Gitchee -  Sweats Hot Black  NEW
pasties: - Gitchee -  Pasties Glitter Black
shoes: *.::deeR::.* MESH Hight heels (with hud for change colors)   Gift
nails: *.::deeR::.*  hand set (with hud for change colors , piercings ecc... )  NEW

I want go at school!

skin: .::WoW Skins::. Anais Milk 01 CL
eyes: -SU!- Jelly Eyes Tricolor   Gift
hair:  *Alice Project* Yolanda - Infinity     (old gift at Hair Fairy)
dress: !go!  schoolgirl   NEW
shoes:  Energie - All Star High Chuck White  1 LINDEN

Monday, 27 August 2012

Never ask.

skin: ..:Perle Skin Zoe  Medium  - Blush Lips
shape: ♥
hair: !lamb. Blue Velvet (Mesh)
eyes: *JeSylilo* :::KatyEyes:::*Blue
piercing: .Pekka. Splint  Piercings
nails: *.::deeR::.* hand set # 1 female   NEW
top: .:Useful Things:. gamble shirt mesh   -> Black Market
pants: $$ - Nytro - $$ Mesh Loose  Jeans Hip Hop  UNISEX
shoes: [pivacaa]  HempSole Slip-On  Gift

Smoke on the water

hair: [e] Say2- Blonde08 Free
skin: ..:Perle Skin Zoe  Medium  - Blush Lips
outfit: PWH Naughty  Nighty Peach  Al Ex   -> Acid Lily  L$ 69
nails: *.::deeR::.* hand set # 1 female   NEW
necklace: ..:Perle Mesh Necklace Flower

She loves you.

hair: Pelle - Roberta black hair NEW!
skin: [Gallant] Estefania Dark Tan Skin  - Wonder Woman   NEW!->STUFF IN STOCK L$ 80
dress: **S&C** Ayo Dress  - Cotton Candy  Gift
shoes:  Vero Modero / Ballerina Moolto Shoes
headband: [EY:NO] Leo HeadBand

Sunday, 26 August 2012


hair: [e] Return - Brown 08
skin: .::WoW Skins::. Anais Tan  02 CL
dress: TinRoof Ziggy Shirt(pink) -> ACID LILY GALLERY  L$ 60 only for this week!!!
shoes: "DEW" Star Flats Purple  -> ACID LILY GALLERY L$ 50 only for this week!!!
bag: BLD- Brick House

With great powers comes great responsibility.

skin: *JeSyLilo*:::Lazy Sunday:::*LightSkin*19     L$ 75  NEW
hair:  [Shag] - La La La You (2) - darkblonde   (Maybe closed :(  )
cardigan: [trs] Grandpa Cardigan *Mesh* Vintage Floral -> ACID LILY GALLERY LS 70
lingerie: 1 Hundred. Temptation top Hearts -> ACID LILY GALLERY     LS 65
shoes: -CHANDELLE- Shoes Zoey - red   -> ACID LILY GALLERY   L$ 70

We take a walk?

skin: ..:Perle Skin Zoe Tan  - Purple Lips
hair:   >TRUTH< Jessie - cocoa
outfit: .:Lola:. tracking black ..Al.. at Acid Lily  this week  L$ 70 
shoes: UBU Drunks
tattoo face:  [Angelic tattoo] Free to fly
nails: Mstyle Long Nails Classic - Black
pose:  OVATION

Saturday, 25 August 2012


skin:  *JeSyLilo* :::FOTA Hunt::: *SnoWhite*TanSkin* (End Date: September 15, 2012)
hair: Magika Push
dress: *BeReckless* Mesh Lace Dress  Cream at Acid Lily next week -> 70 L$
bracelet: Mstyle <3 Bracelet  Free
shoes: MDL - Bailarina Gatito Rojo Gift
tattoo: Vestigium - Mistake   Luckly Letters

❀ Nami ❀

Pritty ♥

hair: ::HINAKO Hair:: Adalia Light  smoky pink
skin: *JeSyLilo*:::Lazy Sunday:::*LightSkin*19     L$ 75  NEW
eyes:  *JeSyLilo* :::KatyEyes::: *Blue New
shoes: + 9 Summer Crocodile Sandal (raimbow) Free
bangles: .HW. Settle Down - Arm Bands-  Group Gift Not Free
jumpsuit: *BeReckless* Harem Strapless Jumpsuit Blue  NEW!

❀ Nami ❀


hair: >TRUTH< Jessie - copper    Gift
skin: *JeSyLilo*  :::Amola::: *SunKissSkin*J2   NEW!
outfit: $$ - Nytro - $$  Mesh Outfit  Skate Girl Black  NEW!!
shoes: Kennedy's Skully  Chuck Free
tongue: [I]n [Y]o [F]ace *Tongue ( Maybe Closed :S sorry! )

Shall we dance?

skin: .::WoW Skins::. Nadia Tan  02 CL -Nadia Complete Avatar   NEW
lashes: .::WoW::. Diva Lashes - Nadia Complete Avatar  NEW
lipstick: <<BB>>  Lips Stain O16
hair: [e] Say- Brown 05   Free
jewellery: .::WoW Designs::.  Gulsem jewellery set -Nadia Complete Avatar NEW
dress: CandyMetal Drape Dress Long MESH  NEW

This is The Night.

hair: [BURLEY]_Minna_Black02
make up: EYELURE  Color Blaze /Red/red
skin: Deesses Kate: Caramel  Mocha - natural    NEW RELEASE
dress: [s. b] SpoiledMiniDress
bracelets: [DDL] Manic Monday   GroupGift
shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps  - Black
fur: Color.Me.H.O.F [AnjaFurShoulders]  GIFT

I love all colors =D

   hair: [BURLEY]_Zia_ II_ Brown02
   skin: .::BeautyCode::. Skin Gabriela  - Barbie(A)   NEW!
   top: EYELURE Fashion Tee Shirt
   headband & bangles: Izzie's Vintage Fair Gift - 80's  Raimbow Bangles  mesh and  Headband   Free
   short: [NV] Soley Shorts Used Washed Denim
   panties: Movin Lingerie - Nuche panties
   shoes:  [BWC] Sandal Wedge Sole(with hud)  Free
   eyelashes: EYELURE LASH n  Liner-one
   pose: OVATION

It is a beautiful day!

skin: Deesses Cher: Ice Frappe  NEW RELEASE
hair: [e] Return- Brown 08
outfit: ..:Pink Cherry:.. Lace Blouse Summer  - White NEW RELEASE
bag: *Luckie* Angles Bag (green & purple)  On Sale for L$ 10
shoes: *Tea Time* Desert Shoes Unisex

Friday, 24 August 2012

A new fragrance...POUDRE.

hair:   >TRUTH< Jessie - oasis Gift
skin: -POUDRE- [Dana]  -MED- GIFT
top:  -Gitchee- Belt Top  Swirls Grey & Pasties Glitter Black
shoes:  koko shoes  Mesh Cork  Wedge  platform sandals  Free

Peach ♥

hair: [e] Thrive  - Brown 01
skin: ..:Perle Skin Zoe v.2 Sunkissed - Pink Lips:..
dress: P.i.X.X.i.S Dress Peacock Red at-> Designer Circle  95 L
accessories: Stars! Make a Wish earrings,necklace and bracelet Free Hunt
shoes: koko shoes - high heel  platform  Mushroom*  Free
tattoo: P.i.X.X.i.S Tattoo Leg Peacock Feathers at-> Designer Circle 1 L
pose: OVATION_ Chic

Enjoy ♥

She's the one.

hair: ::HINAKO Hair Rosane-A Auburn
skin: *JeSyLilo* :::GroupGiftSkin:::*HappyEid
cardigan and top: P.i.X.X.i.S Off Cardigan Pink Mesh
skirt: P.i.X.X.i.S Flounce Skirt Glitter Candy Mesh
shoes: ANEXX_ FringeSweedSneaker_Pink (Maybe closed)
pose: OVATION_ Chic


hair:  >TRUTH< Jessie - mirage Gift
skin:   ..:Perle Skin Zoe Sunkissed  - Frosting Lips
necklace:   ..:Perle Mesh Flower Necklace  <- *-*
top:  *BOOM* Aruba top  (doll pink)


    hair: >TRUTH< Tegan - cocoa
    top: .::YoPulga::. Nerd Sniper Mesh Shirt
    pant: ..::Drunk Devil::.. Coral - Mesh Baggy NEW!
    shoes: *Tea Time*  slipon shoes black
    skin:   *JeSyLiLo* :::Dalal:::LightTanSkin*J2 New!!


Dulce ♥

hair: analog pistachio eggplant Free
skin:  *JeSyLiLo* :::Amola:::  *SunKissSkin*J2   New!*-*
eyes:  *JeSyLiLo* :::kristalEyes:::*Blue
eyeliner:  *JeSyLiLo* :::Add on::: *eyeliner black cat2
lingerie: Movin lingerie August GroupGift

Thursday, 23 August 2012

I ♥ Holidays

   hair:  >TRUTH<  Jessie -cocoa Gift
   skin: *JeSyLiLo*:::Helena:::*DarkSki*J2*BT    Recent release *_*
   cardigan: [s. b] OffShoulderCardigan Mesh brown   New!!! *-* ( I love it )
   dress: **S&C** Autumn Dress Harvest Moon Hunt Items
   bag:  ::::::Septem Essentia::::::: **D-Kilt tote bag_7colorschange_hand   Free
   eyes: *JeSyLiLo* :::DeepEyes:::*Grey
   face tattoo: *JeSyLiLo*:::Add on:::*Flowers Face
   shoes: Kennedy's Beige Grung Flat

I wanna go OUT.

    hair: >TRUTH< Jessie - java   Gift
    skin: ..:Perle   Skin Zoe  Tan - Pink Lips:..
    dress: ..:Perle  Swimsuit  Green Polka
    bag:  ::::::Septem Essentia::::::: Saten Bow Clutch Bag/ black&ruby 2- color change   FREE
    ring:  r(M) Silver Rings   1 Linden Gift
    nails: Mstyle Long Nails Classic - PEARL
    pose: OVATION POSE

Perle ♥

 hair: Yassine Hair Style Black Hair Drew MM Daily Prize Board
 skin: ..:Perle Skin Zoe v.2 Sunkissed Brush Lips
 dress & jacket: ..:Perle:.. Swimsuit Caramel  & Jacket
 shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Black

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Game Over.

 hair:   [Atro Patena] - Kelvin_Cocoa (Suscribe Gift)
 jeans: <kal rau> Baggy Jeans Dark M2_Skinny Size_01
 top:  [C] HGH Black Tank XS
 hair base: **JOMO** etched hair 04c

for him.

   hair:   [Atro Patena] - Kelvin_Black (Suscribe Gift)
   outfit:  !gO! Male Overall

Dalila ♥

hair: (Milana)  Mel- Almond  (old gift at Hair Fairy)
skin: .::WoW::.Skins Dalila Skins August Group Gift
top: [C] HGH Red Female  Tank
belt: ][PULL][ Mesh Belt Gift
necklace: Pepper - Message in a bottle (old gift)

White & Black.

  dress: S&C Mesh Ayo Dress   150 L ( avaible in other colors)