Monday, 16 October 2017

Red lipstick everyday

   hair: +Spellbound+ Katty New!@Kustom9
lipstick: Neomenia.C: lipstick Daria New!@ Seasonal fair
nose moon: !NFINITY Hekate Nose Piercing - Right   New!@Season of the Witch 
choker: Eclat - Vynil Diamonds Choker 9L @Kustom9
top: .:DarkFire-Annie Top-Maitreya 
rings: Slipper - Suki Rings - Maitreya New!
pants: DarkFire-Studded Cutout Pants- Maitreya New!
heels: G&D Pump Amelia  New!@The Black Fair
pose: [Besa] Karra 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Who are you to judge?

hair: RAMA.SALON - Adrianne Hair New!@FaMESHed
lipsticK: !TLB - Candy Lips - Catwa @Hangar Monthly Event
mask: [IK] The Muzzle New!@XXX Event
tatttoo: (( Cheeky Ink )) Characters Tattoo  New!@Hangar Monthly Event
dress: iS Lifted Draped Dress [maitreya] New!
ring: MadPea Lady Kismet's Secrets - Evil Eye Ring - Maitreya Blue New!@Season of the Witch
heels: *SOHOe SHOeS* Kandy Ribbon Heels Lara New!@XXX Event
pose: Expressive bento poses - Fuck you

Saturday, 14 October 2017

You’re my reflection and all I see is you

   On me:
   hair: rezology Glam Slam
   bodysuit: ::ALTER:: Rehana - Bodysuit / LARA New!@XXX
   heels: : CULT : Penta Heel Maitreya/Black New!@Season of the Witch

   Pose: PoSeX Sex Pose 1  New!XXX

cabinet:  :[P]:- Lexington Cabinet:// Noir  New!@C88
  MadPea Lady Kismet's Secrets - Beaded Curtains - Black New!@Season of the Witch
  mirror: MadPea Lady Kismet's Secrets - Magical Mirror New!Season of the Witch
table: Violetility - Planchette Table New!Season of the Witch


Friday, 13 October 2017

Time to cast some nasty spell

MadPea Lady Kismet's Secrets - Lady Kismet's Wagon RARE New! @Season of the Witch (14th)
MadPea Lady Kismet's Secrets - Worn Rug New! @Season of the Witch (14th)
MadPea Lady Kismet's Secrets - Board New! @Season of the Witch (14th)
MadPea Lady Kismet's Secrets - Daybed New! @Season of the Witch (14th)
MadPea Lady Kismet's Secrets - Crystal Ball RARE New! @Season of the Witch (14th)
::WetCat:: "Salem" Witch Stake Prop New! @Season of the Witch (14th)

LiViD : Gypsy Witch Couch_Sun New! @Season of the Witch (14th)
LiViD : Gypsy Witch Couch_Moon New! @Season of the Witch (14th)
LiViD : Celestial Tent New! @Season of the Witch (14th)
Ariskea[Pagan] Gauldron Emplacement New! @Season of the Witch (14th)
Ariskea[Pagan] Sparkle Dust New! @Season of the Witch (14th)

Refuge - Stringed Bulbs New! @Season of the Witch (14th)
Refuge - Gypsy Wagon O  New! @Season of the Witch (14th)
KiX Grunge Mattress -Adult New! @XXX (15TH)

Gold, God and Glory!


hair: Exile:: Instant Crush 1l
pasties: [AF] Metallic Pasties Maitreya New!@XXX Event (15th)
wings: PREY - Utopia Wings Lara New!
nails: ::SG:: Savage Maitreya New!@XXX Event (15th)
pants: PREY - Utopia Pants Lara New!
sneakers: PREY - Utopia Sneakers Lara New!
pose: s26 Lighters 1 groupgift

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Only you can give me that feeling...

On me:
hair: .Entwined. Ashley
:: SAGA :: Twin Moon Face Decoration  New soon@Season of the Witch (14th)
earrings: :: SAGA :: Moon phase Earring  New soon@Season of the Witch (14th)
choker: Junky Jewelry by PREY "Ayla's Choker" Gold  New@The Darkness Event
jumpsuit: ella Corin Jumpsuit Maitreya New@MBF (15th)
background+pose: LiViD : Gypsy Witch Couch_Moon New soon@Season of the Witch (14th)

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

I just wanna feel your body on me

     pose: SPP ~ NEED Couples Pose New!Soon@XXX Event  (Opening Oct. 15th)

"Heyo, heyo, I just wanna feel your body on me
Heyo, heyo, if you want it then you got it, hold me
No more, no more wasting time
We can, we can go all night"

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

I’m goin’ Bonnie and Clyde without you

   hair: [taketomi] - Rena New 
   necklace: Slipper - Crescent Necklace New! soon@The Underdog Event
   top: Love [Lace design bra] Black & White gacha @The Secret Hideout
   skirt: Love [Skirt] Black & White  gacha @The Secret Hideout
   panties: Love [Panties] Black & White  gacha @The Secret Hideout
   stocking: Love [Stockings] Black & White  gacha @The Secret Hideout
   tattoo: TSB ::: Tattoo bad woman New

"I’ve gotta learn how to love without you
I’ve gotta carry my cross without you
Stuck in the middle and I’m just about to
Figure it out without you
And I’m done sitting home without you
Fuck, I’m going out without you
I’m gonna to tear this city down without you
I’m goin’ Bonnie and Clyde without you"

Even a broken heart can beat again

headband: .Oppa. - Nightmare Teddy Headband New@SecretHideout
hair: RAMA.SALON - Adrianne Hair  New@FaMESHed
dress: Neomenia: dress Yana  New@TLC
shoes: G&D Shoes Bettie   New@Cosmopolitan
nailpolish: :[P]:- Maitreya Nailpolish:// Berika  New@The Black Fair
pose: //elephante poses// The Witch in the Dark soon@Season of the Witch New (Coming 14th October)
"I will come running when you call my name
Even a broken heart can beat again
Forget about the one who caused you pain
I swear I'll love you in a different way"

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Una nueva forma de ver, sin intenciones de llegar

   hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kaya Mesh Hair - A NEW@FaMESHed
choker: [Enchante'] - Alicia Choker - Rigged Version NEW soon@The Season Story
tattoo: RedFish - Roses tattoo NEW@The Darkness Monthly Event
body: Addams // Hilda Body Suit // Maitreya NEW
heels: Mosquito's Way - Sonya for Maitreya NEW@The Grab
pose: Expressive bento poses - arabian pose 3 NEW

What good are wings without the courage to fly

   hair: [RA] Wicca Hair NEW@The Nightmare Event
makeup: ALMA Makeup - Scales Face Tattoo - Catwa Female NEW@The Darkness Monthly Event
dress: ella Armelia Maitreya NEW@The Black Fair
wings: ..::ILLI::.. Bento Bat Wings (Animated)(Minimal Glow 0.03) NEW
shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Maitreya Nina Leather Sneakers (L&R) NEW
pose: AP - La Carpa  NEW@The Darkness Monthly Event

Saturday, 7 October 2017

La vertigine che ho di te

hair: little bones. Twyla 
lipstick(love it!): Ascendant - Lipsticks set 10 - CATWA  NEW@The Darkness Monthly Event
choker: [Enchante'] - Symbol Baby Choker NEW@The Black Fair
tatttoo: (( Cheeky Ink )) Dark Side Tattoo NEW@The Darkness Monthly Event
top: :[P]:- Endoas Bikini [M.Lara-Top] NEW@TLC
bottom:  :[P]:- Endoas Bikini [M.Lara-Bottom] NEW@TLC
shoes: Heels by Morgan W. "Ayla" Black/Silver maitreya NEW
poses: GingerFish Poses Black Love Set NEW@The Darkness Monthly Event

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

You're a diamond, dear. They can't break you.

    hair: #Foxy - Bella. NEW@K9
    necklace: - shanghai - Mirae BlackNecklace NEW @The Darkness Event
    lingerie: *Merlific* MLP Ari Set NEW@anyBODY
    shoes:  G&D Pump The Witch Fatpack Maitreya NEW@The Chapter Four
    pose: SPP ~ HELA  NEW @The Darkness Event

I can't wait forever baby

    hair: .Olive. the BedDread Hair NEW@The Nightmare Event
    top: #Cranked# Crop Hoodie Lara NEW
    tattoo: Waldorf Design.Halloween Tattoo  NEW
    short: StormCrow Design's Pamela Shorts with Buttons V1 Maitreya NEW@The Darkness Event  (starts 5th October)
    shoes: ::Pharmacist:: Kuro Creepers - Maitreya NEW@The Darkness Event  (starts 5th October)
    pose: [Besa] Karra

Monday, 2 October 2017

Every breath you take

    hair: little bones. Rumor   NEW@C88
collar:.Viki. Selina Collar - Scripted NEW@The Darkness Event (starts 5th October)
    tiara: [Enchante'] - Amarie Tiara NEW@ WE <3 RP  (starts 4th October)
    earrings: [Enchante'] - Amarie Earrings NEW@ WE <3 RP  (starts 4th October)
    panty:V.. Peekaboo Panty - Maitreya - NEW@anyBODY (starts 4th October)
    top: V.. Peekaboo Top - Maitreya - NEW @anyBODY (starts 4th October)
    tattoo: BODY MOD - Insanity Tattoo AD NEW@The Darkness Event (starts 5th October)
pose: Quar Store - Rebecca pose pack NEW@TCF (starts 4th October)

Sunday, 1 October 2017

So what is right and what is wrong?

    hair: Love - Enchanted Kiss - Greyscale Free@ Fallen Gods Inc. 10th Anniversary
    headpiece: .Oppa. Fae HeadPiece NEW@Project7
    necklace: .Oppa. Fae Necklace NEW@Project7
    tattoo: Quar Store - Tattoo More unicorns  NEW@TCF (starts 4th October)
    dress: .:PULSE:. Absinthe Dress / Maitreya Lara / Black - Gold Metal NEW@The Black Fair (starts 6th October)
    anklets: Mosquito's Way - Lorena for Maitreya 
    pose: Quar Store - Rebecca pose pack NEW@TCF (starts 4th October)

"What is love?
Baby, don't hurt me
Baby, don't hurt me
No more"