Saturday, 15 September 2012

JeSyLiLO Find MY Pumpkins EVENT!!!

 Where?   JeSyLiLO

What is?

Find MY Pumpkins EVENT!!!
Start 15 Set - End 20 Nov

Only Group member can get the hunt gifts
1-Find the 20 Pumpkins
2-Find the 2 Big Pumpkins To Have the Fairys Skins ( No.19 and No.20 )
3-Take pic with one of the skins you like and put it on the Vote pic For Voting joinVoting in 50L and Voting will be Free .. ( 50L to Join Fee for Voting ) (Start AT 20 Set To join Vote)
4-Will be Vote For The Best 3 Photos and winner Gift is...

First Winner : 5000L and Fatpack Skin From Your Chose
Second winner : 1000L and Fatpack Skin buy Your Chose
Third winner : 500L and Fatpack Skin by Your Chose

Vote Will be Stop AT 19th of Nov (there will be 15 Places Only so be fast to be in Voting wall)
WARNING!!!! (( if u dont wear Any Skin From the Hunt skins in Pic ur pic will be Deleted from Voting ))